‘The Musketeers’ Season 1 DVD Review

‘The Musketeers’ Season 1 DVD
Rating: ****

The Musketeers may have only finished in the UK last Sunday, but the BBC released the DVD on Monday 31st March, meaning we fans didn’t have to wait long to relive all the episodes over and over again!


If you’re a fan (and I’m assuming you are if you’re reading this blog), then you’ll not only love the episodes but the added extras that everyone has been looking forward to. The first disc (which has a lovely picture of D’Artagnan) features Episodes 1 – 3, the second disc (with Aramis) has Episodes 4 – 6, the third disc (with a moody Athos) has Episodes 7-8 and, last but not least, the fourth disc (with a sword-wielding Porthos) has the final two episodes and the extras. IMG_0560


The set may seem a little bit pricey at £17 (£17.49 at BBC Shop), but for all 10 episodes and four bonus extras, I reckon that it’s worth buying. You can sit yourself down, relive all your favourite moments from the show and get more of an insight into the cast, the crew and the process it took to make such a series.


The first extra is ‘Creating Their World’, which you can probably guess from the name, is all about creating the world that the Musketeers are in. It goes through the history behind the series, looking how the crew made the set around real buildings in Prague and even looking at the props! You’ll be watching the episodes now, trying to guess what is real and what isn’t. What interested me was how much attention to detail went into everything from the sets right to the bottles and books. I never even thought about how long it would take to create an authentic looking wine bottle! Oh, and wait until the end for the speedy thanks!

The second extra is ‘At Boot Camp’. This shows a week with the boys at boot camp where they get to learn sword-fighting, horse-riding and combat. You get to hear what they think about it and watch if they get better (or worse) as the week goes on. I loved watching how they started right from the basics doing the fights, mucking out horses and learning all the tiny details about what possibly a Musketeer would know! Plus, you do get to see them doing some yoga!

The third extra is for all you fans that wanted to know more about the costume and the weapons and it’s called ‘Muskets, Leather, Corsets and Swords’. It goes through each character’s costume and explains what went behind making them, what they wanted people to think when they saw the costume and what the cast think about wearing them! You then get some demonstrations about how some of the weapons used work like the swords, the guns and learn a few secrets! Looks like Aramis gets the fancy gun equipment for being such a good shooter!

The final extra is all about the big fighting scene in the final episode where the Musketeers are ‘Saving Constance – Their Finest Hour’. If you loved watching the different types of weapons coming together like the guns, the bombs, the swords, daggers, then you will seriously enjoy this feature. You get to watch bit by bit how the scene was choreographed from slow-mo runs to a full-scale fight with the actors and stunt-men. You also get to have Luke’s outfit of the day which is very in-touch with the period. Haha!

Overall, I enjoyed watching the extras and the episodes all over again. You really got to see the friendship that the boys had with each other, joking about and not really taking themselves seriously and then fully seeing them at work when they were performing. I’m a little disappointed that we didn’t get a gag reel because I’m sure there were plenty of funny moments during filming and would have liked to have seen maybe an episode or two with some cast/crew commentaries, but apart from that, it was really good!

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