The Musketeers “BBC America” QAndA (June 22nd 2014)

For those of you who missed the Q&A on Twitter or you just wanted to relive the madness, here are all the questions and answers from that special hour. If I missed anyone, let me know and I’ll add them to the list.

@Jodie891 – Describe in 1 word Milady
Maimie: Enigmatic

@WDWandFashion – What traits do you share with your character?
Maimie: I’m beautiful, evil & deadly

@Dramaadict – Has anyone been thrown off their horse?
Colin: Luke had a near miss during the Bootcamp. His horse slipped and Luke had to hold on to his horse’s neck to avoid falling off.

@SimonCopley1 – Favourite character (not own) & why?
Alexandra: King Louis…because he makes me laugh A LOT!

@TheMusketeersUK (yes, I asked a question XD) – If you could name an episode where your character really grew as a person, which would it be and why?
Alexandra: episode 9 because the she is out of the palace and completely out of her comfort zone

@sierraaisleyy – fight scenes/stunts- did you enjoy them or was it hard to learn stunts?
Colin: the Muskies have to learn two fights a week. Like Dancing with the Stars, the choreography has to be spot-on or they get hurt

@atthegarrison – Queen Anne’s wardrobe and jewelry are so gorgeous! How long does it take on set every day to get into costume?
Alexandra: Phoebe the costume designer is a genius! The full look including hair and make up takes nearly 2 hours

@Jodie891 – If you had not played the role of d’Artagnan which character would you have liked to play?
Luke: i would have like to play Aramis. Who doesnt like to play the ladies man 🙂

WDWAndFashion – Who is the prankster on set? Is there a “method” actor on set?
Colin: Howard Charles jumps out on people all and surprises them

@homelygal63 – RU prepared for the attention that is bound to happen from the USA audience?
Luke: havent really thought about it but im very flattered x

@harryswean – If you were a bloke for the day, which of the Musketeers would you like to be?
Maimie: Dogtanian

@xXxOmiexXx – Was it fun to play such a bad ass character like Milady?
Maimie: enormous fun

@atthegarrison – Queen Anne’s wardrobe and jewelry are so gorgeous! How long does it take on set every day to get into costume?
Colin: Phoebe De Gaye is the most talented costume designer. ALL the costumes are made specifically for the characters

@TheMusketeersUK (yes, another, but I asked for you guys!) – To and , if you could steal a piece of costume from another character, what would it be and why?
Alexandra: All Milady’s beautiful billowing capes and that choker necklace
Maimie: constance wore a jaunty hat & floral jacket that i personally would wear!
Tamla: My wash bag is now made out of the jacket!

@Azzurracatucci – Tell us a funny story happened on set 🙂
Maimie: i actually punched in the face.
Tamla: She’s really evil that Milady

@wedsandsatnight – Best thing about being on the show?
Colin: Being in a beautiful city (Prague) with actors & crew who all have a laugh together daily

@wedsandsatnight – To cast & crew – which scene or episode from Series 1 are you most proud of?
Colin: The denouement from tonight’s episode is particularly special. Let me know what you think!

@CleliaGo – What’s your favorite scene from season 1 ?
Tamla: The one with where she couldn’t say Milady De Winter haha. And the final ep was all great!

@BlackWolfSpy – If you could play another character in the musketeers, who would you be?
Alexandra: They’re all great but Milady because its fun to play dark characters

@childethehunter – How much fun did you have making the series? Did you know it would be this popular? The US has a treat coming to them!
Colin: I’ve NEVER had so much fun on a show. Horses, sword fights, romance, explosions, humour, what’s not to like……….

@jodie891 – Favourite costume?
Tamla: I play a wet nurse in ep.6…that one x

@nadine_ball – do you get chance to see the artwork, fanpics, fanfic etc the UK fans send you on social media? What do you think of it?x
Alexandra: Seen some amazing art work, even some made out of cake! Its amazing to see how much people respond to the show!

@perfectderavin – If you could play another character in the show, who would that be?
Tamla: The Cardinal

@bubbles_legg – what has been the best part about filming?
Maimie: seriously, this job has ticked pretty much every box. wonderful experience. i also got some new friends

@JunHinatori: d’artagnan deserve a hat, isn’t he?
Colin: Everything has to be earned. I think he looks fine without don’t you…..can’t cover that face.

@BlackWolfSpy – What was your favourite part of series one, and about how many takes did it take?
Maimie: kissing ALL the boys. lots of takes.

@SimonCopley1 – if you were guest producer for an episode what would you do?
Tamla: Have the girls be Musketeerettes Charlie’s Angels style

@atthegarrison – Is it difficult to portray someone who is so obviously a “bad girl” and still show a vulnerable side to her?
Maimie: no person/character is ever one thing. in order to make her real & human you have to discover all possible sides.

@BlackWolfSpy – Who is the biggest prankster on set? and what types of pranks do they do?
Colin: The Muskies all jump out on each other to scare them including hiding in each others winnebago toilets to jump out

@perfectderavin – How distracting is to film with all those handsome boys?
Maimie: its lighting and makeup so not really. i think its more the other way round

@feline_charm – the 4 guys gel brilliantly onscreen: anything in particular that the producers looked for to achieve that?
Colin: I sent the lads on a horse/sword bootcamp before filming began. They got to know each other away from the spotlight. It worked

@Jodie891 – Funniest person on set?
Tamla: Me of course! I’m a hoot!

@TheMusketeersUK – To , if Milady had to convince the US public to watch tonight, what would she say/do?
Maimie: would that do?
HAHA@perfectderavin – Who’s the most hilarious person on set?
Maimie: every has pretty funny bones…. that is a hoot! producer extraordinaire too
Alexandra:  will get a big head if I say he’s funny again but there it is
Ryan: are being nice about me Ali? Why thank you

@kynikey – What was your favorite location to shoot at?
Alex: The lake in episode 9 was simply stunning
Colin: So many to choose in Prague. Strahov Monastery, Dobris, Svihov, Ploskovice

First Bootcamp Picture Interlude


@CaseyRocks31 – what was your favourite stunt to do?
Maimie: riding various Musketeers.
Tamla: Pahahahahaha

@NatalieEvenstar – How amazingly amazing is the new series going to be? Xx
Colin: Hopefully you’ll let us know what you think after tonight’s episode…..

@perfectderavin – What was the most difficult scene to film in season one?
Maimie: athos scenes emotionally difficult. walking scenes even harder as i usually tripped up

@katieembling – Most important question though- Who is the best kisser?
Maimie: really? she is called Mi LADY- a lady never kisses and tells…..

@Felicityof221B – What is your favourite thing about being part of this show?
Colin: The show’s such a great toy box to play with. Horses, pistols, explosions, romance, sword fighting. I hope you love it too.

@leticiazombie – Who you think is the male character more attractive on the show?
Ryan: the King is very dreamy

@Jodie891 – Would you like to change anything of the 1st season?
Jessica: it would have been nice to have a little more down time – it was a punishing schedule for the actors

@Jodie891 – When season 2 will be released?
Colin: We are filming season two right now so we hope it will be available in 2015 – exactly when TBC

@_ck_supergirl – how can you breathe in those corsets??
Maimie: thankyou- tis very difficult to breath, eat, sit down, run, bend over, pick anything up…but as long as they look good…

@leticiazombie – How many time take to prepare your character? Like makeup, hair…?
Alexandra: Hair and make up takes about an hour and a half!

@NikitaBaria – if you are allowed to choose any other role to play in The Musketeers, would you still choose your own role ?
Ryan: I would yeah but the boys do have a lot if fun

@FaultInOurRiver – Can you tell us anything about the new series?
Ryan: just that’s it’s even better than the first so far and it gets pretty juicy

@wegirlmode – What scene did you prefer to turn this season 1?
Ryan: so many great scene. I have loads if great ones with Peter C and Ali in the first season

@atthegarrison – Amy also wants to know: What sort of research did you do for the part?
Ryan: I boss people around at every opportunity 😉

@BlackWolfSpy – have they ever scared you or anyone else?
Colin: Howard jumped out on someone on a staircase thinking it was a cast member but it was a hotel guest – awkward !

@atthegarrison – To all the cast and the producers: If you had to choose, would you pick up a musket, or a sword?
Colin: Sword every time, up close and personal. Muskets are very heavy !

@McrGirl1 – in the very beginning did you have an idea who you wanted for the roles?
Colin: we certainly did. And we really lucked out getting them too. I can’t imagine it any other way.

@mandypatrish – Best kisser?
Maimie: old serge…don’t be scared- I’m in my pinny and have just made pastry!

@LilithMuzuki33 – A word for your french fans who wait with impatience?
Maimie: patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet

@SimonCopley1 – Favourite guest character?
Maimie: utterly spoilt.. i loved working with. didn’t get to work with so many guests so i was hiding

@perfectderavin – What’s in store for your characters in season 2?
Alexandra: there’s not much I can give away about that but there will definitely be more exciting storylines

@LilithMuzuki33 – Constance has a strong temper. Do you have the same in the life ? ^^
Tamla: I can be feisty when I want to be 😉

@LilyoftheHill – the biggest fear on the set ?
Alexandra: Whats on the lunch menu
Tamla: I’ll 2nd that!
Maimie: tripping over my copious amounts of fabric

@bubbles_legg – what has been the best part about filming?
Tamla:  have been the best part 🙂 Love my girls
Alexandra: I’d second that!

@WDWAndFashion – Is insufferable now that he is famous?
Colin: A bit. I am keeping a close eye on him!!!

@SimonaAdamo – any chance to see Athos and Milady close again?
Colin: Would you like to see that?

@aBoxofSweeties – is there any divas on set?
Maimie: i couldn’t possibly answer that

@WDWAndFashon – if the show remains this popular, do u think fans can expect the show to run for several seasons?
Colin: We’ve been so heartened by the UK response and the show has been sold to 97 countries. I hope America loves it !

@MusketeersFans – Was it just our imagination or did Milady want to kiss Constance a couple of times? 😉
Maimie: glasgow kiss?

@EllieWilde – Is Milady De Winter back for series two?
Maimie: im headin to prague tomro, so …..?

@Jaks2105 – what’s your favourite line from 1st series (can be anyone’s)
Maimie: it was about sheep….hell have to help me out here, memory like a sieve

@xTeacherTx – et al if you could transfer your character into other TV Show/Book which would u choose? (Can Brits take part!)
Maimie: Orange is the new black x

@McAvoholic – Do you like the opening credits?
Colin: We have MOMOCO in Carnaby Street to thank for those.

@CakeMammaJools – will we ever see Milady with an apron on? 🙂
Maimie: too early to say…. i am tweeting wearing a black & white checked one if that helps….

xXxOmexXx – who do you think your character has the most chemistry with ?
Maimie: Athos. very different one with D’Artagnan. a less sexual but deadly one with the Cardinal.

@TheMusketeersUK – To : Will you ever get revenge on for the special effects video?
Colin: I would love to. There are plans for a S2 “Even More Special Effects” – watch the website

@atthegarrison – What was your favorite part of Musketeers boot camp?
Luke: definitely the horse riding. That and being with the boys and having a week of bonding

First Milady Costume Interlude


First Louis Costume Interlude



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  1. Karen Parsons said:

    Love the Q & A. Just watched episode 1 on DVD again. I’m sure the US will love it!

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