Daybreak (20/02/2014) – 8.20am

(Note: This isn’t word for word perfect and a little bit may have been missed here and there, but it’s as much as I could write down! Enjoy!)

Kate: They fight to protect king and country and live by the motto ‘All for one and one for all…of course, we’re talking about The Musketeers

VO: Action, romance, intrigue and tragedy…the Musketeers has it all, but long before it was a TV show, it was a novel written by Alexandre Dumas, set in the 17th century, it followed the adventures of four young men: D’Artganan, Athos, Porthos and Aramis, who joined the King’s Musketeers and lived by that famous motto. Their sword-wielding crusades have been adapted to the screen dozens of times, most famously for the 1940s Hollywood movie starring Gene Kelly and the 90s Disney remake starring Kiether Sutherland, and now the swash-buckling maestros are back with a fresh, leather-clad take on an old classic.

Kate: …and Howard Charles, Luke Pasqualino and Santiago Cabrera…you have to say it like a swash-buckler…who plays Porthos, D’Artagnan and Aramis are here. Did I even get that vaguely right?

Luke: Close enough.

Kate: Close enough to be forgiven…so what’s it like to be a Musketeer?

Luke: It’s great! It’s lot of fun…I mean, it’s a lot of work. It was a lot of hard work for the whole thing, but obviously when we first started out, it proved few slightly more difficult at times than others. It was great fun…to do it with the boys.

Bob: Just for the people who haven’t caught up with it yet, just describe your characters.

Howard: Fire and a human hurricane.

Luke: Young D’Artganan, Gascon with a huge appetite for justice.

Santiago: Aramis: charming but deadly.

Bob: …and women feature quite a lot.

Luke: [points at Santiago] …especially with his guy.

Santiago: We all get a taster, but yeah…Aramis likes being around women, has a lot of respect for women and enjoys their prescene.

Bob: …has an affair with a married woman.

Luke: That’s me…nah…far too crazy for me.

Bob: Throughout all this, you had to go through quite intensive training because there is a lot of fighting, a lot of horse-riding, isn’t there? Tell us about boot camp.

Howard: Yeah…we had a really great boot camp actually. It was a very useful experience for all of us because we…straighht away, it was blood, sweat and tears. Minus the blood, but yeah…a good way of putting it. Very tough, egos straight out the windows straight away.

Kate: I’m guessing…quite a bonding experience for you all…

Boys: Yeah…

Kate:…because you didn’t know each other before.

Luke: No…no…I think I met Howard very briefly in a costume fitting for a couple of minutes and then I had to leave, but it was the first time a lot of us met so, like Howard said, leave our egos at the door.

Bob: Ridden a horse any of you before?

Luke: Very briefly.

Aramis: Yeah, but we got much better on this job because we spent a lot of time with them.

Bob:…and swordfighting…that can’t be easy? I mean…I’m tempted to suggest that some of the shots are cheated but you told me the break that they’re not.

Boys: No, it’s all us.

Kate: Wow…that must take a lot of work…it could go all wrong there.

Luke: I mean, the training…we put a lot of work into that as well and I think for me, the horse-riding came a lot easier than the sword-fighting did.

Bob: A lot of the men love this…not pre-dominantly men, but it’s particularly popular with men.

Kate: I think a lot of women might quite like this as well…I don’t know what you’re thinking at home, but I pick it up that they might do.

Luke: Yeah, it’s very manly. I think our appeal…it appeals to both sexes really.

Aramis: There are strong female characters in it as well so I think it kind of has a bit of everything for everyone.

Howard: Yeah, I had a wonderful moment the other evening…I came out of the tube and this very tall, mixed-race guy who looked a little bit like me sort of came up to me and sort of straight away, I was like ‘What’s going on here?’ and he was like ‘I love The Musketeers, man!’ and I was like ‘Oh wow! Cool’ and he was like ‘Yeah, I’ve got on it playback and everything!’ Thank you very much!

Bob: See what I mean!

Kate: You were still making this in October and you still look like Musketeers. Have you adopted this now?

Luke: We’ve just been recomissoned.

Bob: Well done, boys…it’s been different to anything we’ve seen in the past.

Luke: Yeah…

Bob: It’s a modern take on a classic.

Luke: Yeah, absolutely! I think we tried to do is sort of…the story and the characters are based on the original characters…we’re not doing the usual fairytale Musketeers that people are used to.

Howard: It’s inspired by…

Luke: It’s inspired by the characters of the book.

Santiago: A new interpretation.


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