Episode 9: Knight Takes Queen

Air Date (UK): 23/03/14
Broadcast time: 9pm – 10pm
Running time: 59 mins
Directed by: Andy Hay
Produced by: Colin Wratten
Written by: Peter McKenna

Queen Anne’s taking of the waters is cut short when her life is put in mortal danger. Meanwhile, Louis dines with wealthy German banker Count Mellendorf, who is looking for a French match for his beautiful daughter.

As the Musketeers try to spirit Anne back to Paris, they’re forced to seek refuge in a fortified convent, where Aramis comes face to face with his past. Under siege and fearful for their lives, the Mother Superior and nuns help the Musketeers to defend the convent, but what will they do once they run out of ammunition?


Athos – Tom Burke
Aramis – Santiago Cabrera
Cardinal Richelieu – Peter Capaldi
Porthos – Howard Charles
King Louis – Ryan Gage
d’Artagnan – Luke Pasqualino
Treville – Hugo Speer
Queen Anne – Alexandra Dowling
Milady – Maimie McCoy
Gallagher – Lochlainn Ó Mearáin
Charlotte Mellendorf – Charlotte Hope
Sister Helene – Alice Patten
Count Mellendorf – Roger Ringrose
Mother Superior – Gabrielle Reidy
Old Serge – Peter-Hugo Daly
Distressed Woman – Sarah Belche
One-Eyed Florian – Robert Krejcik
Jacques – Filip Nespor
Shaved-Head Man – Miroslav Navratil


2 thoughts on “Episode 9: Knight Takes Queen”

  1. Who played the mercenary Gallagher, please?

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