Episode 8: The Challenge

Air Date (UK): 16/03/14
Broadcast time: 9pm – 10pm
Running time: 59 mins
Directed by: Farren Blackburn
Produced by: Colin Wratten
Written by: Susie Conklin

The Musketeers are tasked with bringing the fearsome Labarge, a regional Intendant, under arrest for the murder of two Musketeers, to Paris. The Red Guards, resentful of the Musketeers’ handling of him, initiate a vicious fight between the two regiments.

Fed up with the disruptive rivalry between the Musketeers and the Red Guards, the king calls a contest between them to settle which one is stronger once and for all. D’Artagnan is determined to be chosen to fight so that he can prove himself worthy to be a Musketeer. But first he has to learn to control his impetuous nature and to fight with his head, not his heart.


Athos – Tom Burke
Aramis – Santiago Cabrera
Cardinal Richelieu – Peter Capaldi
Porthos – Howard Charles
King Louis – Ryan Gage
d’Artagnan – Luke Pasqualino
Treville – Hugo Speer
Queen Anne – Alexandra Dowling
Milady – Maimie McCoy
Labarge – Vinnie Jones
Alice Clerbeaux – Zoe Tapper
Captain Trudeau – John Lightbody
Lambert – Perry Fitzpatrick
Bonacieux – Bo Poraj
Prison Guard – Christos Tolera
Priest – Richard Syms
Street Seller – Simon Meacock
Courtier – Giles Taylor


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