Episode 6: The Exiles

Air Date (UK): 02/03/14
Broadcast time: 9pm – 10pm
Running time: 59 mins
Directed by: Andy Hay
Produced by: Colin Wratten
Written by: Ben Harris

Aramis and d’Artagnan are thwarted in their task to transport a young woman and her baby from a village outside Paris to the palace when armed men abduct her baby. They must find out who she is exactly and why anyone would go to such lengths to kidnap her son.

Meanwhile, the king’s royal hunting party is disrupted by the sudden appearance of Louis’ banished mother, Marie de Medici, seeking royal protection from an unknown assassin. The Musketeers must fight to protect both mother and baby while also loyally defending the throne.


Athos – Tom Burke
Aramis – Santiago Cabrera
Cardinal Richelieu – Peter Capaldi
Porthos – Howard Charles
King Louis – Ryan Gage
d’Artagnan – Luke Pasqualino
Treville – Hugo Speer
Constance – Tamla Kari
Queen Anne Alexandra Dowling
Agnes – Amy Nuttall
Michel – Ben Adams
Father Duval – David Burke
Marie de Medici – Tara Fitzgerald
Vincent – Simon Merrells
Kidnapper – Michal Kucera
Villager  Phil Snowden
Wet Nurse – Madelyn Marcella
Fixer – Brett Allen



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