Episode 4: The Good Soldier

Air Date (UK): 09/02/14
Broadcast time: 9pm – 10pm
Running time: 59 mins
Directed by: Richard Clark
Produced by: Colin Wratten
Written by: Adrian Hodges

When Aramis’s old friend Marsac, a former musketeer, unexpectedly returns to Paris, the musketeers are thrown into turmoil, fully aware that they should report him for desertion. His appearance coincides with the royal visit of the king’s beloved sister and her husband, the Duke of Savoy, whom the musketeers must protect.

Marsac believes he finally knows the truth behind the infamous massacre which killed his troop, and wants Aramis’s help to prove it. Despite their misgivings, will the musketeers help and can they prevent Marsac exacting his own revenge?


Athos – Tom Burke
Aramis – Santiago Cabrera
Cardinal Richelieu – Peter Capaldi
Porthos – Howard Charles
Queen Anne – Alexandra Dowling
King Louis – Ryan Gage
Constance – Tamla Kari
Milady – Maimie McCoy
d’Artagnan – Luke Pasqualino
Treville – Hugo Speer
Marsac – JJ Feild
Cluzet – Simon Paisley Day
Duke of Savoy – Vincent Regan
Duchess of Savoy – Phoebe Fox
Gontard – Adrian Schiller
Louis Amadeus – Daniel Rchichev
Jailer – Martin Hancock
Old Serge  Peter-Hugo Daly



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