Episode 2: Sleight of Hand

Air Date (UK): 26/01/14
Broadcast time: 9pm – 10pm
Running time: 59 mins
Directed by: Toby Haynes
Produced by: Colin Wratten

Notorious criminal Vadim seeks to make life unbearable for the authorities that have imprisoned him. When he engineers a full-scale riot, it falls to the Musketeers to protect those whom he seeks to destroy.

Will the Musketeers discover his plan in time and stop him from endangering the monarchy? And can the inexperienced d’Artagnan prove he is worthy of becoming a Musketeer, or do his loyalties lie elsewhere?


Athos – Tom Burke
Aramis – Santiago Cabrera
Cardinal Richelieu – Peter Capaldi
Porthos – Howard Charles
Queen Anne – Alexandra Dowling
King Louis – Ryan Gage
Constance – Tamla Kari
Milady – Maimie McCoy
d’Artagnan – Luke Pasqualino
Treville – Hugo Speer
Jailer – John Poston
Vadim – Jason Flemyng
Bonacieux – Bo Poraj
LeClerc – Carl McCrystal
Prisoner – Lukas Vychopen
Felix – Sean Cernow
Suzette – Denise Gough
Lavoie – Ian Barritt


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