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As I posted a few days ago, Geek Syndicate posted asking Musketeer fans to come up with some questions for creator of the show, Adrian Hodges, and it’s been done!


There is a fun podcast for people to listen to by clicking here and, if you can’t hear, it definitely has some handy hints about Season 2.


  • They’ve filmed four episodes already.
  • Season 2 will be shown at 9pm, not 8pm like last season.
  • Mark Warren’s story will be entwined through the whole series.
  • Milady may be far eviller than before. Uh-oh!
  • Rochefort will not have an eye-patch and going through ‘dark places with his obsessions’.
  • Nicole’s question: how did Peter Capaldi’s exit change Season 2? Still following through with the story-line!
  • At the moment, none of the guest stars from Season 1 will be coming back. Not ruling out any of the characters that aren’t dead!
  • Milady will play a prominent role in Season 2.
  • Constance has ‘moved up in the world’ in status.