Oooh, look at this everyone!

We have ourselves another addition to our Musketeers family, thanks to the BBC for posting, and it has come in the form of the gorgeous Antonia Thomas. You might recognise her from the show The Misfits where she played Alisha.


We’ve also been aware for some time of Antonia’s wonderful work in films and TV series such as Sunshine On Leith and Misfits, among numerous others. She brings such intelligence and vibrancy to every role she plays and we are thrilled to have her as Samara.

We’ve discovered this morning that she will play ‘Samara’ who, according to BBC Media Centre, will be:

…a gutsy and resilient young woman whose life is put in danger when her father is exiled.

She will be playing the daughter of Colin Salmon, who was cast not long ago, and he will play Tariq:

…a mysterious interloper on the run from Spain.

If you want to know what they look like, then check out the BBC One Twitter: