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Geek Syndicate has been nice and sneaky for us and managed to ‘squeeze’ out a taster of what we could expect from Season 2.

The second season is well underway. Similar tone but a deeper and darker vibe this time, with one serial story running through the series. We’ll still have a story of the week and guest stars, but I think it will feel more of a single piece and we’re picking up a lot of stories and themes we started in the first series.

That sounds very exciting, doesn’t it? Especially with the casting of Marc Warren, Colin Salmon and Adriana Thomas.

What’s even cooler is that Geek Syndicate will be chatting away the show’s writer, Adrian Hodges, in the next week and want you to come up with a question for them to ask on your behalf. You’ll have to post your question in their comments and see what happens. You never know…maybe you’ll get your question answered!