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For the fans not on Twitter or missing a few posts on Tumblr (I know how busy you lot are at reblogging things), you may have been missing out on the casting news in the last few days.

The first announcement was that Charlotte Salt (Casualty, Bedlam) will be joining the cast! That’s very exciting news because it means she gets to join the club of very fiesty women! I’m sure Tamla, Alexandra and Maimie will give her a heads-up! Cannot wait to see who she will be playing.

(c) IMDB

(c) IMDB

Today’s new exciting news is that Marc Warren (Mad Dogs, Hustle) has also joined the team and, even better, we know who he will be playing. He will be playing the mysterious Rochfort. If you’d like to find out more about this character and what he means for the Musketeers, click the picture.

Marc Warren says: “I’m delighted to be part of the BBC’s stylish and exciting take on the Dumas classic. Once I’ve overcome my fear of horses I’m sure it’ll be a walk in the park.


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