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A lot of you have been asking for some news on when Series 2 would be filmed, when it is coming out or whether we’ll even have a Series 2.

You can all breathe because yes, we are getting a Series 2. It was confirmed back in February by the BBC and reconfirmed for all your worrying fans last Sunday:


When the series is filming, it seems possible that it will start in the next few days so you’ll just have to keep checking around for news or mysterious tweets from the cast and crew. Maybe they’ll be nice and post some pictures?

In other (wooooo!) news:

Irish actor Eoin Macken has joined the cast of The Musketeers Series Two, becoming the first new cast member, reuniting with his Merlin co-star, Santiago Cabrera.


While his character is being kept under wraps as filming is not yet underway, his role has been described as ‘the handsomest-bodied man in all of England.’ (Duke of Buckingham?!)

It is uncertain what episode Eoin’s character will first be featured and there is no word if the character will recur in any other episodes, but any news is good news right!

We may have joked a few weeks ago about Richard Armitage being involved with the show, but it is looking very likely the Hobbit star will join along with Nico Mirallegro (Skins, The Village) and Lucy Griffiths (Robin Hood, True Blood) as guest-stars in the next series.