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Tonight, for the UK at least, will be the final episode for Series One and it has been one heck of a ride.

In honour of this, I’ve decided to come up with a survival kit, not only for the fans tonight but for our international family (when they catch up/get to watch the series!). Everyone hates the end of their favourite show so hopefully this will give you some handy tips for coping with the loss. (Excuse the rubbish graphic below! 😉 )

Survival Kit

1. A cushion – If you’re going to watch the episode, you might as well watch it in comfort. Plus, if you are watching it with friends or family, then you can use the cushion to hide your face during a sad moment. They are also good for tossing at people who feel it’s safe to talk during The Musketeers. You’re a Musketeer!!

2. Tissues – Every show has to have tissue warnings at some point! You never know what the writers will have planned for the final episode so be prepared for everything! Grab man tissues if you can as they’re big enough and last long! If you don’t have that, grab toilet roll and if that’s busy, use said friend and family member.

3. Your mobile/cell phone – You may be too busy to tweet during the episode, but you are never too busy to text your friend with what is happening! This can be useful if you can’t squeal into your cushion/pillow and can instead go ‘OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ in text instead!

4. A stress ball – You know that the episode is going to end with some sort of cliff-hanger (all last episodes do!) so grab your stress ball/teddy/friend’s hand and squeeze for dear life during all the tense and nerve-wracking parts.

5. (Over 18s) Your favourite drink – If it’s legal, then grab your favourite wine/drink and slowly sip during the episode. Maybe even create a drinking game with friends to celebrate a great series!

6. Tumblr/Twitter – If you use #musketeersedit and let people know you have spoilers, then spam social media like crazy with all your feels. Unless you’re like Athos at the end:

gif by bbcthemusketeers (tumblr)