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Come now, you know I’m always late with these interviews, but I reckon this has to be my favourite to date!

Last week, Digital Spy posted an interview with Maimie talking about Milady and her time on the set. She also talks about receiving some fan-art and videos:

Fans of The Musketeers have certainly responded to the Athos/Milady dynamic, sending McCoy artwork and even her own music video montage.

“I was desperate for a video,” she laughs. “Because Tamla [Kari] and Luke [Pasqualino, who play Constance and d’Artagnan] are obviously the cute lovey-dovey ones – they got loads and I was really jealous!

Love it when fans get recognised for their talent! However, my favourite quote of the interview has to be:

I was like, ‘Oh f**k, I’ve killed the Doctor!’ but he was fine…

If you want to read the rest of the interview and discover what on earth Maimie did to Peter, then here you go! (Warning: the interview does contain a couple of spoilers for the last two episodes!)