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It’s been one of those days full of news and I love it!

This morning, Daybreak mentioned the Musketeer UK account (squee!) in a tweet, telling everyone that some of the cast were coming up on the show! A picture was then posted to show it was Luke, Howard and Santiago. That was a fab treat for a Thursday morning, don’t you think?

For those of you who missed it this morning (don’t worry, I did too!), then it is up on the ITV player (you will have to register an account to watch it though). For those fans who can’t see the site, then I’ll be writing up a transcript of the interview!

Oh, and for you Burketeers out there, there was a lovely picture of Tom at the back of The Stage today with his mum at The Mistress Contract after-show party!


In other big news, BBC Worldwide announced sales of The Musketeers to international channels in Germany, Norway, Sweden, Ukraine, Greece and Turkey! It’s going global!