Hello you lot!

What a start to February we’ve had!

An emotional episode with Porthos and Athos, Maimie McCoy tasting food and chatting on Saturday Kitchen and the BBC posting some interesting videos about the cast!

  1. I’ve updated the episode guide with this week’s The Good Soldier. As always, it will contain spoilers so no looking if you want it to be a surprise.
  2. If you missed Maimie on Saturday Kitchen, then you can catch her on iPlayer.
  3. The BBC are clearly enjoying being fans of the Musketeers because they treated us to two fun videos. The first was an interview with the Cardinal himself, Peter Capaldi:
  4. We then had a slight glimpse into how the cast and some of their horse-riding training. Lucky horses!

If you have seen anything else Musketeer-related over the week, let us know and we’ll post it up!