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Wow, The Musketeers have been everywhere this week and most of it has been collected for your fandom pleasure!

1. For those of you who missed it, the men themselves (Luke, Howard, Santiago and Tom) went on BBC Breakfast to talk more about the show, hair, how to cope with horses and more.

themusketeers2. A Telegraph interview revealing some bits of information about the show and a couple of new pictures from behind the scenes.

“All for one and one for all,” does not ring out until much later in the series. “I wanted them to earn the right to say it. I wanted it to mean something,” says Hodges.

3. A brand new trailer (edited by Dan Crinnon) giving you a few good reasons (and explosions) why you should stay in tonight and watch the show!

4. Santiago and Luke took to the airwaves on Radio Manchester last Thursday (the interview starts 1hr 5 secs in)


5. All the boys appeared on BBC 1 Extra and were grilled by Sarah-Jane Crawford last Wednesday (that interview starts 40mins 16secs in!)


6. Howard and Tom had a busy morning chatting on Radio Leicester to Jim Davies and were very good at being all cryptic about plots and what was coming up!


If I’ve managed to miss anything else from the whirlwind press week, feel free to leave a comment! The cast were everywhere this week! If you can’t watch or listen to the interviews, then I will be happy to make some transcripts for you!