Season 2 of Musketeers back February 2015?!


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Was not expecting to get this exciting news tonight.

Here was just browsing the TV Choice Twitter feed when I saw a lovely vine of Maimie McCoy.


I thought there was going to be a small thank you message to the fans for nominating the series for Best New Drama, but we got this.



TV Choice Awards 2014


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Cast your minds back a little while ago to where I was randomly tweeting about the TV Choice Awards! Remember? I kept telling you that the Musketeers was in the running for Best New Drama!


Tonight is the night when the awards are happening!

If you’re wanting to follow the ceremony, then the TV Choice Twitter will be live-tweeting during the event and, of course, I’ll be keeping out a sneaky look for any Musketeer mentions.  A full list of the winners will be available here at 11pm BST tonight. With all fingers crossed around the world, I want to say a massive good luck to the cast and crew and hope Milady is ready to cause chaos if the judges make the wrong decision!

Holiday News Catch-Up


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Whoops, I probably should have mentioned I was going away for a week with the family so wouldn’t be blogging or tweeting! Please don’t hold it against me: I’m still new at blogging! Haha.

Here are some of the updates that you lot already know but it’s never bad to refresh your mind, is it?

1. BBC Australia finally came online with some Musketeers galore and from all the tweets I got you from new Australian fans, it seemed like you really liked it!

2. Charles Venn was cast in the next series and we can’t wait to see who he is playing and what he does in the show.


(c) This Morning

3. Want some more Tamla on your screen? Her new film,The Inbetweeners 2, was released in the UK and it looks amazing! She may be only in it briefly this time but her scene looks so good!


(c) The Inbetweeners 2

It’s August now and who knows what the next few months could bring in terms of Musketeer news! What news are you most looking forward to?

Australia: BBC First Musketeers Episode 1


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In celebration of The Musketeers airing on BBC First in Australia on August 3rd, Foxtel have released the first episode on Youtube. Unfortunately, I can’t see the video myself (darn being in the UK!) but hopefully, for those of you who can, you can enjoy meeting the boys, Constance, Milady and the calculating Cardinal!

The channel also has a Twitter account!

Three weeks before their new channel BBC First launches, Foxtel has uploaded the first full episodes of their tent-pole shows, The Musketeers and the BAFTA award-winning Peaky Blinders to YouTube for fans to watch now.

We’ve heard of a sneak peek, but this is next level.

Billed as the home of British drama and comedy, BBC First launches on Sunday, August 3.

Here’s a little about two of the new channel’s most highly-anticipated shows and the entire first episode to get your teeth stuck into before launch.


The Musketeers shortlisted for TV Choice Awards



Great work, everyone!

It looks like all our voting has managed to get the show shortlisted for the official nominations. All these votes now count to see if we can win!!


The show has been nominated for


Unfortunately Tom and Maimie weren’t short-listed this time, but there is always next year and you never know…they might have competition from other members of the cast!

If you want to vote, click here!

Skill Saturday


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I’ve been wanting to do a post like this for a while, but since I’ve seen how creative you are, I wanted to make a little feature in the blog so people could love your work and maybe attempt to make something of their own.

It doesn’t matter what you make, though it has to be Musketeer related since this is kind of a Musketeer blog! I’m going to aim to do this every Saturday since you never what might be made. You can make anything from:

  • Videos
  • Graphics
  • Fan Art
  • Cakes
  • Cookies
  • T-Shirt Designs

Anything creative!

Here’s this week’s talented bunch:

1. This was made by mandbeck. Love how simple the design is and the pictures that were chosen! It makes one good-looking book cover.


2. Here’s an evil looking Milady drawn by Bubbles_legg. The colours suit Milady and love the expression on her face!


3. Ooh, one of the many ships that sail during The Musketeers. This one was edited by conchobar01 and all about SS…(does this ship have a name?) D’Artagnan and Constance! The choice of song really brings out the journey these two have during Series 1 and so WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS! Maybe don’t watch if you don’t want to see what happens between them! Is it good or bad? 😉

4. Loving this! This was made by nadine_ball and it’s another Milady piece! The design perfectly suits her, especially the lace and the flower. It shows her good and bad side all in one go.


5. If you ever wandered what Luke would like if he got picked for Soccer Aid, then Christine_DAPP has photo-shopped you the image!


The Day of the Musketeers Q&A


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If you were around Twitter today during 5pm-6pmBST/12EST, then you may have had all your Twitter stream bombarded by a lot of Musketeer love!

(c) BBC America

(c) BBC America

BBC America conducted a question and answer session with Luke Pasqualino, Maimie McCoy, Tamla Kari, Alexandra Downling, Ryan Gage, Colin Wratten and Jessica Pope. There were so many questions and you could tell that everyone behind the scenes was trying to answer as many as were tweeted to them.

Here’s the list to read! Bring popcorn!

Luke Pasqualino on Access Hollywood


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With the first season of The Musketeers starting only two days away, all the US press is starting to appear and so are the interviews with the cast. Thanks to the official BBC America Musketeers Tumblr, we found out that Access Hollywood did an interview with Luke chatting about being cast in the show, what it was like preparing for D’Artagnan and the other Musketeers.


Luke was as charming as always and loved hearing more about the horses!

It’s one of those things — after seven months of kind of being around horses and just watching them excrete all over the place, you kind of get used to it in a weird kind of way. It kind of just becomes like a second smell.

If you want to watch the interview, click and enjoy!

The Musketeers premieres on BBC America on Sunday, June 22 at 9/8c!